Amount raised

from customer and KFC contributions

R387, 700, 000 raised

Your R2 fills children with hope, so they can learn, grow and thrive.

 Add Hope Beneficiaries

With the increase in funds raised from customer and KFC Restaurant donations Add Hope is able to increase the number of beneficiaries on an annual basis and donate more to those who need it most. Add Hope solely supports feeding initiatives because we want the children of our country to be given access to nutritious and balanced meals in order to grow, learn and thrive.

Add Hope identifies sustainable feeding programmes across the country to support through this initiative so that it can make a long-term impact in South African communities. Add Hope supports 12 national beneficiaries and 125 local community partnerships, referred to as the Local Store Programme (LSP) around the country. Beneficiaries including childhood development organisations, children’s homes and school feeding programmes are added every year.

We take a proactive partnership approach to supporting their feeding programmes and because our primary focus is on feeding, the beneficiaries need to ensure that the funds we give them will be used to feed children from birth to the age of 18. This includes on-site feeding and food parcels that are sent out to families. They must have a valid NPO certificate and need to have been operating for at least three years.

- Guidelines as to how to become a beneficiary.

- View the full list of community beneficiaries.