Original Zinger Burger

A spicy Zinger fillet topped with fresh lettuce a slice of tomato and Colonel dressing served on a fresh bun. Warning: It’s pretty hot!

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  • R36,90 Original Zinger Burger
  • ADD R18,00 Reg Chips & Drink
  • ADD R24,00 Large Chips & Drink


Energy 1847 (kJ)
Protein 33.4 (g)
Carbohydrates 45 (g)
Total Fat 13.2 (g)
Sodium 1647 (mg)
Saturated Fat 4.4 (g)
Mono Unsaturated Fat 4.7 (g)
Poly Unsaturated Fat 4.2 (g)
Trans Fatty Acids 0.4 (g)
Cholesterol 77 (mg)
Potassium 543.1 (mg)
Iron 2.0 (mg)
Calcium 65.2 (mg)
Vitamin A 16 (RE)
Vitamin C 16 (mg)
Total Dietary Fiber 4.1 (g)
Sugar 5.5 (g)