Famous Bowl

The Double Cheese Famous Bowl is a hearty combination of KFC’s signature mash, gravy and tasty sweetcorn, all topped with KFC’s new OR Strips and covered in DOUBLE* cheese.

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  • BOW1001
    R42,90 Famous Bowl


Energy 4018 (kJ)
Protein 44.1 (g)
Carbohydrates 81 (g)
Total Fat 48.5 (g)
Saturated Fat 21.6 (g)
Mono Unsaturated Fat 17.6 (g)
Poly Unsaturated Fat 8.8 (g)
Trans Fatty Acids 1.4 (g)
Cholesterol 128 (mg)
Sodium 3806 (mg)
Potassium 1435.8 (mg)
Iron 4.1 (mg)
Calcium 311.9 (mg)
Vitamin A 96 (RE)
Vitamin C 31 (mg)
Total Dietary Fiber 14.6 (g)
Sugar 0.0 (g)