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5 “get ‘em now” apps for your smartphone


Love phones as much as we do? We’ve put together a list of must-have apps to make your life easier using your phone. Check them out and let us know if there are any apps that you couldn’t live without! 

Stay Connected with “Find Free Wifi”

With data costs still being high in South Africa and Wifi hotspots quickly becoming available across the country, wouldn’t it be handy to have a map of all the places near you that offers FREE Wifi? Broken Keyboards have developed a neat app allowing users to choose a city or region, or search around them to find the closest free access to the internet. More than 2000 locations are already listed on the app including most KFC restaurants where customers can enjoy 200 MB of free KFC Wifi per device per day. The “Find free Wifi app” is available for free on the iStore and Google Play.

Top apps

Organise your (work) life with “Evernote”

Hands down the best note taking app we’ve come across! It’s great for shopping lists or to-do lists, but can basically store everything you can think of. Notes can be shared with other users and are synced securely across your smartphone, computer or tablet. It also integrates perfectly with your smartphone’s camera to scan or digitise paper documents, business cards or drawings. The basic version is free but you can upgrade if you’re a heavy user. Evernote is available on the iStore and Google Play.


Like books, but too busy to read or you fall asleep in bed at night after reading 2 pages? Meet Audible! The Amazon company lets you purchase high quality audio books off their site and listen it them via the app on your phone. Whether you’re into novels or looking to learn the quickest way to be successful, Audible is bound to have a book for you - available on iOS and Android.

MRD & UberEats

Too lazy to cook? Or just too chill in general? Get food in that belly with the help of the internet! Mr D Food and UberEATS have launched apps that let you choose your next meal from your couch on your phone. A couple clicks, pay with your credit card and have your KFC delivered to you hot and fresh. Check out the progress of your order and rate your experience. More of our KFC restaurants are being added all the time to both these apps so make sure to check if your closest KFC is on there. Get UberEATS and Mr D Food FREE on iPhone and Android phones. 

Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger

It’s hard to imagine a world without social media. It’s produced everyday celebrities, enabled families to keep in touch across long distances, spreads news faster than TV channels and more often than not it’s the reason employees waste time at work. Studies suggest that there has been a big rise in private communication in social channels (so called dark social) with messaging apps becoming immensely popular for sharing over the last two years. So, whether you are a fan of Facebook Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp or WeChat, make sure you have the latest apps on your phone to be connected to what’s happening in your world, all available in your app store.

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