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KFC Delivery - all you need to know


KFC Delivery

KFC Delivery FAQs

By now you know KFC delivers that finger lickin’ good food straight to your door. What?! You didn’t know?! Well, that’s awkward. No problem, here’s a list of ways you can get your favourite KFC ordered and delivered to your couch or desk.

Uber Eats

If you’re able to get Uber Eats in your area, chances are your local KFC is on there but we are adding more KFC locations to the app all the time. Download the Uber Eats app and order KFC now. Keep checking in – we have FREE delivery and Buy One Get One FREE promotions all the time.

MrD Food

There are over 200 KFC restaurants on MrD so make sure you download the Mr D app now and you won’t have to leave the house to get your KFC on!

KFC Delivery FAQs

Direct from your nearest KFC

Besides the two apps above, your local KFC restaurant may deliver to you direct. You just need to call them and place your order – this is limited so make sure your local delivers. Check here for all the telephone numbers. Otherwise, let us know and we’ll see if we can get them on the apps.

COMING SOON - KFC.co.za Online Ordering

We’re working on getting our online ordering live on our website so that you can order from anywhere, at any time, and either collect or have it delivered to you. We’re currently in a trial so keep checking back to see when we’re live and kicking!