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4 Things That Make Mondays Suck Less


4 things that make Mondays suck less

Look, we totally get why you hate Mondays. Monday stole your weekend. Monday forced you to wake up in the morning and start another week of emails and meetings about meetings. Monday marked the end of parties, movies, binge watching series in your undies. Monday got you stuck in traffic. Monday is a painful reminder of a new week of adulting.

But maybe Monday is not to blame here. Maybe Mondays are awesome, but you just don’t see it because you’re so busy hating the poor day. So, we decided to compile a list of things that will make your Mondays suck a little less. Come on, stop rolling your eyes and get ready to slay another Monday like the champ that you are.

4 things that make Mondays suck less  4 things that make Mondays suck less

Telenovelas are back

Is Janet dead or alive? Will Lindani finally tell Bridgette how he really feels? Will Gazini get sucked back into the underground for yet another death fight? Find out on the next episode of Mondays. Truth be told, only Mondays can finally reveal all the juicy cliff-hangers that left you biting your nails on Friday. You had to go through the whole weekend to get the answers. And let’s face it, Twitter is a much happier place on Mondays because everyone reunites in perfect harmony to share funny commentary and messy memes about all our favourite telenovelas. Yay to khumbaya Mondays!

4 things that make Mondays suck less

Buy a KFC Brekkie Crunch Wrap & get a FREE Cappuccino

We had you at FREE, right? To add some sunshine to your ever so gloomy Monday, KFC will give you a free cappuccino when you buy a Brekkie Crunch Wrap on Mondays. Start your Monday off with a delicious spicy mini crunchy fillet, egg and cheese with a grilled tomato, wrapped up in a mini tortilla. Mondays only and only from 19 February to 26 March 2018. T&Cs apply. Selected stores only. While stocks last.

Blast Music

If Beyoncé can’t fix your face on a Monday then we don’t know what can. If King Bey is not your vibe (judging you) then jam to whatever you love. Make a Monday playlist with all your fav songs and start playing it as soon as you wake up. Sing in the shower, twerk as you get dressed - we promise you that this will get your spirits up and turn that frown upside down.

Get Happier

Lol. You’re probably already doing the Monday eye-roll but wait for it. Happier is an app that acts as a daily gratitude journal for you to keep track of those memories that make you the happiest. The app has been proven to help people become more creative, sleep better, and work with greater productivity.

4 things that make Mondays suck less  4 things that make Mondays suck less

Now go forth and slay your Monday!