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SA YouTubers


Since SA youth have jumped onto the Youtuber bandwagon, it’s been nothing but great, funny and politically charged commentary. Having watched how the strides in which some of these Youtubers have grown, their voices have become some of the most influential voices in issues that deal with youth culture and all other factoring aspects. If you haven’t hurt yourself laughing and listening to any of them, here’s a list to introduce you to the new school opinion leaders.

Pap Culture

This fierce trio of beautiful and intelligent black women took the scene by storm with their light-hearted (but not-so light-hearted) social commentary and a very much present feminist agenda. Bongeka, Thembi and Nwabisa are a much-need breath of fresh air, dealing with an array of topics ranging from blackness, financial education as well as rape culture. The trio partnered up with an advertising agency on a campaign which focused on the education of menstruation and this landed them a spot on the shortlist at the 2017 Cannes awards. Subscribe

Sibu Mpanza

Sibu started his channel while he was a student at UCT, and focused solely on it after he dropped out. Through this, he sells the story of hope, possibilities and impossibilities for the young black child. As an influencer, Sibu describes himself/channel as “a YouTuber who likes to scratch a little further than the surface” and this is true of the purpose of his channel. If there’s any social conversation that’s happening, the dude is that one friend in the group who always has a well-informed opinion about what’s happening. But he also gives us a sneak peek into the fun things he gets up to with his mates while testing their general knowledge. Subscribe

Microwave Boys

This bunch deals only in the business comic relief, because SA is the land best known for its self-deprecation. The trio, Larry, Sphaka and Sipho, are a sub-project of the Anarchadium channel founded by Menzi. The boys serve a weekly dose of commentary on trending topics in the country and a pinch of international affairs. Landing a couple of sponsors here and there, they are an example of how this ‘side gig’ can also have financial rewards (just don’t be fooled into thinking YouTubers are ballin’ though). And subscribers can all agree that their favourite segment each week is unpacking the ‘Hottie of the Week’, because…boys. Subscribe

Okay Wasabi

Crowned one of SA’s favourite skit and parody artists, Okay Wasabi has been entertaining fans with his dynamic content and ability to make spin-offs of your fave artists’ hits. Of all the cuisines to document, Okay Wasabi and his crew have tackled the exciting task of hunting down the most celebrated kasi fast food dish – the kota. Kota Past-9 follows the crew hitting every possible hood in the Gauteng province, they tell us the fascinating stories behind each hood’s prized kota. Subscribe

Ofentse Mwase Films

If there was ever a channel that truly portrayed the chronicles of being a young and black, it is this one. Packed with a talented group of skit artists, Ofentse Mwase Films has made its name on giving viewers a great chuckle on trending social media topics, your favourite celebrity’s failed book grammar and well, imaging what it would be like if Africa had its own Cheaters show. Whatever it is they tackle, they sure have made strides with their growing numbers in views and continue to give fans more parodies and self-deprecating stories of being a black child and/or parent. Subscribe

So, do yourself a favour and catch these talents in-between your downtime at the desk or when you’re treating yourself to some serious fun during your lunch!