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The Best TV Series


Let’s be honest, the December parties and beach vibes were pretty cool but nothing compares to the long lazy days indoors when you’re just chilling in your PJs in January ‘cause you’re broke, looking like a hot mess and keen to binge watch your favourite series. If that isn’t a vibe, then we don’t know what is. So, to get you ready for the ultimate Netflix and chill session we’ve got a list of all the upcoming TV series that you absolutely need to binge watch this summer. Get ready to be a couch potato and live your best lazy life.

Stranger Things | Season 2

Shoutout to Netflix and the TV series gawds for giving us Stranger Things. Season 1 was a major hit and we have all been impatiently waiting for the gang to reunite and unravel more extraordinary mysteries. Stranger Things Season Two promises to be even more awesome, checkout the trailer here and don’t make any plans for the 27 October because you, Will, Mike and Dustin have even more stranger things to solve. 

Shameless | Season 8

The Gallagher’s are back and you know what the means … chaos, drama and Frank. It looks like there are a few missing characters but don’t worry, Frank and his kids have more than enough drama to keep you glued to your screen. Shameless has got better with every season and we can’t wait to see the mischief they’re going to get up to now.  Premieres Nov 5. Check out the trailer here.

Future Man | Season 1

Hulu is back at it again with the awesomeness. Future Man is a brand-new series that tells the story of Josh Futturman, a janitor by day and a gamer by night, who is recruited by mysterious visitors to travel through time to prevent the extinction of humanity. How cool does that sound? If a science fiction comedy series is your kind of thing then you’re going to love this. Crossing fingers for Future Man. Watch the trailer here

Vikings | Season 5 

November is set to bring us the fifth season of Michael Hirst's epic History Channel series Vikings. This season is full of shocking alliances and unbelievable betrayals as the Vikings fight to rule the world. But get this, it is going to be a massive two-hour premiere so you’re going to need to get comfortable, get your snacks ready and be prepared to witness greatness. Watch the trailer here

Young Sheldon | Season 1

As in Sheldon Cooper? Yep you guessed it, CBS is doing a prequel to Big Bang Theory. Young Sheldon will take us back into time and show the life of 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper who has skipped four grades and is misunderstood by his family, classmates and neighbours.  If you’ve watched any of the Big Bang Theory episodes you know can already imagine how hilarious this is going to be.  Watch the trailer here

And that’s a rap! We hope you found something that excites you in our list of the best TV series to watch this summer.

Happy Binge Watching!