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Celebrate Chicken Wing Day with FREE Delivery on Mr D Food


KFC International Chicken Wing Day 2018

Just Wing It!

Calling on all wing enthusiasts, lovers, devotees and obsessed fanatics. The day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. And no, it’s not your granny’s birthday, even though that does sound absolutely delightful. It’s finally International Chicken Wings Day!!!  Yes you heard right. The 29th of July 2018 is the official, globally recognised International Chicken Wings Day. Yay! What exactly does this mean? It basically means that everybody who loves wings will be smashing them into their face that day. It means people who can’t get enough of wings during the year, now have the opportunity to dig in. Unashamedly. What a time to be alive

KFC International Chicken Wing Day 2018

This day is celebrated all over the world, from the Wild West of America, to the Samba Streets of Rio and even the quaint and quiet hills of Sicily. People gather to show their love and appreciation for this very underrated piece of chicken. It’s the day recipes are shared and new friends are made. 

And what's more? 

What better way to celebrate International Chicken Wing Day then by getting FREE DELIVERY on your favourite KFC order (not just wings) this Sunday 29 July only on the Mr D Food app.

Need inspiration of what to order this Chicken Wing Day?

KFC has a new 30 Wing Bucket… Wow. Now that is a whole lotta wings. We also have a KFC Lunch Box meal that comes with wings. Double wow. And if that isn’t enough wings for you, you can add an extra 2 wings for only 10 bucks. 10 BUCKS PEOPLE! I mean in these desperate economic times 2 wings for a tenna is the real deal. Issa bargain.

If you’ve always loved yourself some wings, KFC will just make you fall in love with them all over again. So here’s some advice for you this International Chicken Wings Day. If you’re not a wings fan, stop the beef and come to the side where all of the wings are fly. P.S. There is no right or wrong way to eat wings. Just put ‘em in your mouth and enjoy. And if you’re having trouble, didn’t sweat it Zinger style, just wing it. 

*Products only available during the promotional period. While stocks last. Selected KFC stores. Pricing accurate at time of publishing 25072018.. Pricing subject to change*