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Upgrade your Father’s Day gift ideas


KFC Fathers Day Gift Ideas
This Father's Day forget about warming his feet with another pair of socks and rather warm his heart with these memorable gift and experience ideas.


• Wash dad’s car and then take it to the next level and clean the inside too. No one’s ever gone that far before.

• Buy him a Ferrari, or whatever dream car he loves. Sure, he won’t be able to fit in this one, but it’ll still be a great little reminder of you ;)
KFC Fathers Day Gift Ideas

• Laugh at his jokes, they actually are funny if you give them a chance. One day you’ll make dad jokes too, and wish your kids would laugh at them.

• Get out the old soccer, rugby or cricket ball and head to the park or back yard. Just don’t blame us for any broken windows.  

• Pretend to be sophisticated and take him to the Soweto International Jazz Festival or just chill at the Father’s Day Craft Festival / 702 Day of the Dads.




• End off the day watching the Brazil footie match while enjoying the KFC Family Treat (6 pieces with any 3 sides). Save dad the trip and get it delivered to you by Mr D or Uber Eats. Just make sure dad gets the biggest piece of chicken.