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#SocialMediaDay tips - Keep safe and smart online all the time


KFC Tips For Social Media Day 2018

June 30th was declared #SocialMediaDay when it was launched by the popular website mashable.com back in 2010. Even if you’ve never heard of it you’ll probably agree that every day feels like #SocialMediaDay already. But before your next tweet, blog, snap, post, pose, text, share, dare, tag or drop and drag, check out these helpful tips that could save you some trouble out there on the interwebs.


Live now, go live later.

You don’t always need to post that pic or tweet that tweet right away. Rather enjoy the moment and have more time to edit your pics later. Also remember that your current frame of mind may pass, especially if you’re in a crazy party mood or in a really bad mood.

KFC Tips For Social Media Day 2018

Express yourself but don’t wreck yourself.

Social media is a public space that feels quite private. That means it feels like you are interacting with familiars, when in fact you’re sharing info and thoughts with everyone. Also remember that many employers check social profiles before making a hiring decision (you can read more about that here courtesy of IOL). Think before you post and respect others.

How to out-selfie yourself.

First mirror-check your hair, wardrobe and makeup. Face the window to get the right lighting. Find the best angle; lift the camera a bit higher and tilt your head slightly. Use filters and editing tools like Vsco, just don’t overdo it. You want to look natural, not supernatural. Finally, have fun like this guy.

Predictive text can be quite unpredictable.

We know you can’t wait to have your say, but always check your spelling and wording before you press send. Just remember, a witty comment is a lot less witty with Miss steaks.

Less photos can have more impact.

Taking lots of pictures is fine, you just don’t need to post them all. Pretend each of your photos are auditioning for a show themselves. First shortlist the ones with potential, then upload the best pics from there.

It’s not a popularity contest.

Okay, okay, it is a popularity contest to many people but you still need to be careful. Connect with people you know or accounts that you know are credible. When you get a new follower or friend request check their profile. You can also weed out the bots using twitteraudit.com

Be safe out there guys! Think before you post. And hey, if you need some content ideas to share, well....KFC South Africa Twitter ;)