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Life Hacks That Will Change Your World


KFC LifeHacks

So how are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Don’t worry we won’t judge, this is a safe space. If we were to take a wild guess you’re probably so over the gym because well “you were born this way” and the holiday savings plan had to be put on hold because life happens. It’s okay, you get an A for effort and we want to help you get back on track because when life gives you lemons – Beyonce`. We have put together a list of simple life hacks that will make adulting a bit easier and get you back on track to be the slayer that you are. Are you ready to pull yourself towards yourself with these nifty life hacks? Let’s go!

/#1 Hack | Switch to airplane mode to charge your phone faster

We know that you can never be separated with your third hand but trust us, if you want to have enough battery to take those bomb selfies for the gram then you’re going to need to switch your smartphone to airplane mode, maybe have an actual conversation with someone (lol) and charge it. Airplane mode turns off all radio frequencies which allows the phone to charge about 4 mins faster. We know it’s hard but you can do it.  Think about the selfies.

KFC LifeHacks

#2 Hack | Download Headspace

Ever have those moments in your day when you just can’t deal? Anxiety is real and if you’re having a hectic day then you should download an app called Headspace that has a variety of coping mechanisms and medication experiences to help you calm your nerves and conquer the day. Headspace believes that brilliant things can happen with calm minds so if you want to declutter yours, sign up here and whoooosaaaaaah!

#3 Hack | Treat Yourself

This is probably the most important hack. Being happy is the ultimate life hack, if you focus your energy to positivity and joy then it will affect your attitude and well-being. Purposely do the things that make you entirely happy, listen to your favourite song, chat with your best friends and indulge in life’s little pleasures like the new Bakers Lemon Cream Krusher, now that’s a hack for your taste buds.

#4 Hack | YouTube Hack

Oh, you’re going to love us for this one. The YouTube gawds will not let us be great and give us an option to replay a song without pressing the replay button. Seriously YouTube, it’s 2018. But we have found a hack that will change your entire life. The next time you want your YouTube jam on repeat add “repeat” between www.youtube and .com and thank us later fam. 

Now go forth and slay those resolutions!