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Add Hope flips the script to put child hunger back in the spotlight


KFC Add Hope Five Under 1120 with Nasty C

For the past 9 years, The Add Hope Programme has been fighting the good fight against child hunger, giving nutritious meals to 120 000 children from 11 national and 132 local beneficiaries across SA every day.

This World Hunger Month, Add Hope has amped it all the way up by giving a much louder voice to the 1120 children under 5 who are still dying of malnutrition every year*.

The challenge: How do we take a topic that wouldn’t normally make the news, and put it back in the spotlight where it belongs? Simple. We stop acting like a charity and start behaving like a trend. 

KFC Add Hope Five Under 1120 with Nasty C

So we roped in Nasty C, and a variety of other influential personalities from the art and fashion world, to rock the stat and stage ‘A DROP’ called #1120under5. 

You’ve seen it on murals, shirts, and even Nasty C’s social feed. Rumours have spread about #1120under5 being a new album, a fresh track and even a brand new fashion line, but now the news is out:

We’re dropping a stat.

1120 children under 5 die of malnutrition every year. That ends now. No child should have to go to hungry. So we’re taking a stand, and we’re calling on you to join the movement so we can drop this stat even faster. Or you can get on it and Add Hope right now.

Check out what Nasty C had to say about 1120under5:

**The campaign 1120under5 relates to a Statistics South Africa 2016 Report ‘Mortality and causes of death in South Africa’.