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It's CRUNCH MONTH this April



Crunch… Crunch… Crunch… This April is all about KFC’s most crunchiest offerings. These meals are loud with flavour and texture. Sheesh, texture. It’s not a word that truly describes them. Let’s try that again. KFC’s crunchy delights are loud with flavour and bite. (That’s munch munch better.)


Crunch Double Down


First up we have the undeniably amazing CrunchDouble Down. It’s like a burger, but it’s not. The tag line says it best, ”It’s all meat and no bun”. Literally. It’s a hash brown that’s in the middle of two cheese slices, a tangy sauce and two delicious fillets. It’s revolutionary, it’s mouthwatering and it’s Finger Lickin’ delicious. You’re probably wondering when you can taste this majestic ‘burger’? The answer is right now. Get it delivered straight to your door with KFC Delivery service… What a time to be alive.

Wrapsta Box


The wrap game has changed. Introducing the incredibly scrumptious and super delicious Wrapsta Box meal. It’s your favourite rappers wrap. This amazing new eat is made up of a toasted tortilla wrapped around a mini-fillet with shredded crisp lettuce, sliced tomato and topped with a tangy dressing. If taste was measured in bars then the Wraptsa would have bars for days. So whatever you do, get with the flow because this meal has the streets talking and the word is that it’s a game changer.

One thing is for sure, when it’s crunch time, you have 2 options…. The Crunch Double Down and the all new Wrapsta Box meal. You can get both of these dope meals with KFC’s Pick Up service… The best way to click your way out of a long queue. GO AHEAD AND TRY IT, IT’S FINGER CLICKIN’ GOOD! order.kfc.co.za