To KFC, great tasting products and guaranteed freshness is everything. We're open and honest about the quality of the products. Find out about our food and our Taste Guarantee to you.

Meet our People

For the past 40 years, KFC has brought you the great tasting chicken you know and love. We serve over 20 million customers a month and we want to make sure that everyone enjoys our food. We have thousands of people working hard behind the scenes to make sure that every meal you have is a delicious one. Meet just some of the people responsible for bringing you the finger lickin’ good taste of KFC.

Meet our People
Looking inside a KFC

Whether you're in a big city or a small town, KFC's chicken is freshly prepared in-store, following the same processes and quality standards to cook every meal, making sure you receive hot and deliciously fresh food every time

Serving you great tasting chicken you know and love is important to us and we want you to enjoy the food and service you receive at any KFC you visit across South Africa.

All our food, from our salads to our chicken, is freshly prepared in-store to the highest standards, especially for you. Each piece of chicken is hand-breaded with the Colonel's famous secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices before cooking it to a specific time and ideal temperature in our kitchens.

To make sure we serve you quality meals from our kitchens, all our 750 KFC restaurants across the country are audited annually to check that all the health and safety procedures are followed.

Not only are our restaurants audited, but so are our suppliers to make sure the safety guidelines are upheld and the chicken and ingredients we get are of the best quality for you.

From Farm to Store

We don't manage or run our own chicken farms. In fact, our chicken is sourced locally from the very same chicken farms that supply your favourite premium retailers.

As one of the largest buyers of chicken in the world, we have strict controls in place to make sure that our suppliers comply with global animal welfare standards and practices regarding the treatment of chickens.

We make it our responsibility to ensure the chickens we do source are treated humanely and within the animal rights legislation of the country.

All of our suppliers are also independently audited throughout the year, which helps us and our suppliers ensure that processes and standards are followed.

Health And Nutrition

At KFC, we believe it's important to lead an active lifestyle and follow a balanced diet, so we want to make sure you know the nutritional value of our menu items.

It's important for you to make informed decisions about the food you eat. So we provide the nutritional information of all our menu items on our website and this information is also available at all our restaurants on request.